Xbox 360 Gamers Nearly Double Battlefield Kill Count Of PS3 Users, Unlock Map

Last Friday, EA started the clock on its challenge for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners of Battlefield 1943 to score 43 million kills and unlock a Coral Sea map. The Microsoft gamers achieved that goal today.

The new map, Coral Sea, adds a fourth playing field for the downloadable World War II multiplayer shooter.


The Xbox 360 games took five days to score their 43 million kills.

The PS3 gamers are at 22.8 million kills, according to the official Battlefield 1943 site. While the PS3 version of the game was released a day later than the 360 one, the race for the 43 million kills started at the same time.

Why the discrepancy between the huge kill count on the PS3 and the huger one on the Xbox 360?

It could be that the 360 version of the game handily outsold the PS3 version (I've inquired with EA).


It could be that PS3 gamers are better at dodging bullets or that 360 gamers are better marskmen.

All that we can know for sure is that, Autobot gamers and Decepticon gamers would have been more evenly matched.


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