Xbox 360 Game Room Developers To Close

Krome Studios, the Australian developer behind Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and more recently the Xbox 360's Game Room, has shut down, online reports are suggesting.

If true, it's not entirely unexpected, with the developer shedding staff from its Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne studios earlier in the year.


It now appears the remaining staff at Krome's Brisbane and Melbourne offices have been let go, with both studios to then close their doors first thing Monday morning. A handful of developers will then reportedly be re-hired as contractors to complete Krome's remaining projects.

Krome was once Australia's largest development house, and aside from the Xbox 360's Game Room was also responsible for platformer Blade Kitten.

Gamers with a longer view of history will know Krome's Melbourne studio as Melbourne House (also previously known as Beam), the developers behind the Hobbit text adventure and ground-breaking fighting game Way of the Exploding Fist, along with Transformers: Armada, still the best game that franchise has ever seen. So, yes, this is a bummer.


We're checking for confirmation on this, and will update if we hear back.

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