Xbox 360 Designers Cook Up Modular, Imaginary Kitchen

We usually don't post concept renders—and for good reason. They're usually stupid, and for that reason never, yknow, exist. But Astro's modular KitchenScape appliance set is quite the opposite: very clever, and worthy of existence! And highly attractive.

Each unit in the set—a coffee maker, toaster, juicer, and teakettle—all provide plugs for each other. Think of it as a dangerously daisychained line of power strips, sans danger and ugliness. Precluding a separate cord for each appliance means serious space (and outlets) saved, along with kitchen toys that look like an awesome space ship. I enjoy breakfast food as well as spaceships, so this is a terrific idea, if you ask me. Given their history of dreaming up things that are actually built (see: Xbox 360, Boxee Box), Astro might have a decent shot at seeing the KitchenScape materialize. There is also a decent shot that these appliances would be astronomically expensive, because things that are matte black and modular usually are. [Astro via CoDesign]


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