X-Blades Collector's Edition Goes Topless

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She's young and needs the money. X-Blades heroine Ayumi has no shame whatsoever, very nearly baring it all for a special statue included with the expansive collector's edition of the game.


Along with the barely dressed statue, the "Royal Bundle" for TopWare's action adventure title includes a soundtrack CD, a double-theme poster, and a strategy guide, along with a mousepad for the PC version and what they are calling a "top-class" artbook. As we can see, X-Blades is all about staying classy.

Sad to say, the bundle has actually piqued my interest. It's not so much the topless statue as it is simple the sheer amount of included stuff. I like stuff. I'd like stuff better if I had a price for said stuff, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough, as the game is due in Europe on January 14th.


Ayumi dresses in style!

Valuable "X-Blades" Collector's Bundle with Statue and Artbook

Karlsruhe, 17th December 2008 – TopWare Entertainment continues its tradition of high-class collector editions with its current title, "X-Blades". The "Collector's Bundles" for all platforms will be on the market at the same time as the standard versions - on the 14th of January 2009. Highlights in the boxes are a 22 cm. hand-painted statue of the heroine Ayumi and a top-class artbook depicting the game.

There's also a soundtrack CD, a double-theme poster and a strategy guide. If you purchase the PC version, you'll even get an extra bonus - a mousepad. Language-wise, TopWare has also done the game proud - it's been fully localized in English, French, Italian, German and Russian - and there are sub-titles in Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Spanish which can be combined in any way with the speech recordings.

ZUXXEZ CEO Alexandra Constandache: "We've already had excellent fan reaction to our high-quality collector's editions for games like "Earth 2160" and "Two Worlds" - and the most important thing for us is to ensure that our customers continue to get real value for their money. Giving away a cheap map with a game and then calling it a "Special Edition" is not the way we do things here at Zuxxez. That's why we're relying on really special extras once again - with "X-Blades".

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I'd like to think that this type of shameless sex marketing deters more gamers than it entices....

Sadly, I know that that is probably not the case.