WWE Star Daniel Bryan Says He Is Retiring

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WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan, considered one of the best of his generation for his dynamic hard-hitting style, just announced on Twitter that he is retiring from wrestling for medical reasons.


With pro wrestling, anything could be a storyline, but there’s reason to think it’s true. We recently chronicled the concussion issues he’s facing, his desire to return to the ring and the dilemma for fans rooting for a comeback.

Bryan is slated to do an interview about this on ESPN tomorrow.

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Omar Bradley Little

As much as I want to see Bryan go up against Styles, Nakamura, Joe, Balor, Zayn...I cringed every time he did something even remotely risky after his Mania run. I don’t think I’d be able to watch him take a Bomaye or a Styles Clash, or even a standard suplex.

He will definitely go down, with Punk and Joe, as the prototypical modern wrestler: technically incredible, amazing crowd connection, and atypical look. I wish him nothing but the best in the future.