WW2 Rebuilder Has You Fixing Cities Instead Of Blowing Them Up

Gif: WW2 Rebuilder

WW2 Rebuilder is an upcoming PC game set after the Second World War where you’re tasked with visiting a number of devastated European cities and, with your bare hands (and some big tools), bring them back to their former glory.


While the trailer focuses on London, the game’s website says you’ll also be visiting locations like Warsaw and some “French towns” as well.

This is technically a city-builder, I guess, given the objectives and setting, but I really like the first-person, hands-on look of the game, which has you doing jobs as big as demolishing entire blocks and as small as scrubbing individual walls clean of dirt and soot.

It’s coming...sometime in the future.

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Is there going to be a depression DLC where you order around germans to bury the bodies from that thing they knew nothing about?

Games looks good anyway, wonder if it lets you choose between small scale rebuilding (wall scrubbing) and heavy mass cleaning or if is a compromise.