WTPT: Try Not To Spend Your Monday Replicating This Epic Battlefield 3 Jet Swap

Are we seriously nearing the end of February already? Where does the time go? It's not like I spent the entire weekend playing Syndicate (except, oh wait, I did). We may as well spend a little more time trying to get through today quickly, because no one likes Mondays anyway.

  • WATCH: In today's "holy crap, that was amazing" Battlefield 3 video, Stun_Gravy pulls off an impossible shot with a M98B, and then manages to steal the victim's jet mid-air. I think I need to go play more BF3 now.
  • WATCH: A very cute love song written with Pokémon puns to wash the Monday hate away.
  • PLAY: iOS board game, Ticket to Ride, is our Gaming App of the Day.
  • WATCH: This Link to the Past PC mod was well worth the time it took to make it.

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I call BS on that BF3 video. They probably coordinated and practiced beforehand. No, I have no proof, but neither do you. Entertaining though and definitely gets his view count up. Kudos.