WTPT: This is What Happens When You Get Too Competitive in Minecraft

Minecraft isn't an inherently competitive game, but it can get quite competitive if you're looking to one up the many impressive structures that have been built. I mean, entire game levels have been replicated using the basic building blocks in Minecraft. It's easy to find competition and challenges.


This particular video is inspired by the sandbox-building game, and depicts the risks behind greedily building without minding your resources. This should be a warning to all Minecraft-goers, lest you want to end up like one of these adorable stick figures.

Thanks to tipster Paulo Muppet!

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Squirrel von Doom

Wow, this could easily be seen as a parody of humans in general, always competing with each other, exploiting the planet (or cube in this case) they live on, until it is basically dying. And when it is dead, all life on it will be dead soon, too.