Everyone seems to be insisting that Toys was an abomination of a movie. But I liked it!


Regardless of our potentially disparate taste in movies (and if so, hmph), one thing seems to be undeniable: Toys looks like a forecast of how the military and air force are using video game concepts to operate predator drones from a safe distance away at the seat of a computer.

If you've never seen Toys (1992)—and you totally should—the film makes an odd transition [spoilers] from the quirky lifestyle of toy factory designer Leslie (Robin Williams) to a corrupt, military take-over by his uncle, Lt. General Leland Zevo (Michael Gambon). The general's intentions are to put kids in front of "video games" and let them attack from the seat of a predator drone.


But this idea isn't so far from the development of the MQ-1 predator, which first flew in 1994. Take a look at our video—produced by our own Chris Person—for a quick look at the history and comparison.


War Is Halo: Killing real people becomes a video game [Slate]

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