WTPT: Seems Like F.E.A.R's Alma Is Haunting the Soldiers of Battlefield 3

These days it seems like the meaning of machinima has become convoluted. Is it those funny animated videos about Link? Is it a gaming site? Is it the video of your grandmother freaking out while watching Amnesia? No, it's none of those things. It's the original Red vs. Blue. It's actually what you see above: A film made using a video game's engine.


In this case, YouTube user AnglSummer4, also known as Chrissy, is using Battlefield 3 to film her upcoming machinima. The trailer shows a soldier on night patrol who, just after mocking a female assassin, gets confronted by some rattling (and freakish giggling) in the bushes. "Lethal Ladies" probably won't have anything to do with creepy horror stories, but John Murphy's "In The House, In a Heartbeat" from 28 Days Later doesn't help my suspicions.

Big thanks to Kenneth James at 80 Pound Games for the tip!

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I was expecting him to get smashed by the dumpster.

Or a chopper to fall on him or something cool.

Also, if he's "on patrol" why would he have need for a silencer? You would WANT people to hear you shooting if you open fire when you're on guard.