WTPT: Kick Off The Weekend With Some Laughs at the Mario Bros' Expense

Before you clock out today, don't miss the videos we've compiled for you, as well as our Gaming App of the Day.

  • WATCH: This episode of Epic Rap Battles of History shown above features our favorite brother-duo from gaming history up against the famous Wright brothers. So, who won the rap battle? Honestly, I might have to vote for the Wright brothers. Just this once.
  • WATCH: The esteemed Prince of Persia treks through the real world and struggles to fit in with the non-pixelated human folk.
  • PLAY: Test your puzzle skills with our Gaming App of the Day, Quell Reflect.
  • WATCH: A recent trailers shows off just how ridiculous this upcoming Japan-only Namco title, Animal Kaiser: Evolution 3, is.
  • WATCH: Let us walk you through the Survival Mode gameplay in Alan Wake's American Nightmare in this video.

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While the Mario Brothers are the popular choice and will probably win based on the popular vote. The real winners were the Wright Brothers. They had better rhymes and the laid the smack down! Word!