Before you clock out today, don't miss the videos we've compiled for you, as well as our Gaming App of the Day.

  • WATCH: This episode of Epic Rap Battles of History shown above features our favorite brother-duo from gaming history up against the famous Wright brothers. So, who won the rap battle? Honestly, I might have to vote for the Wright brothers. Just this once.
  • WATCH: The esteemed Prince of Persia treks through the real world and struggles to fit in with the non-pixelated human folk.
  • PLAY: Test your puzzle skills with our Gaming App of the Day, Quell Reflect.
  • WATCH: A recent trailers shows off just how ridiculous this upcoming Japan-only Namco title, Animal Kaiser: Evolution 3, is.
  • WATCH: Let us walk you through the Survival Mode gameplay in Alan Wake's American Nightmare in this video.