WTPT: I Might Actually Play This Video Game If It Weren't Just a Music Video

German electronic music producer Faderhead clearly has a taste for video games. His latest track, "Fistful of F*ck You," couldn't be more suited to this video game style music video.


In the most heroic of quests—aka searching for a club to make his scheduled on-stage performance—Faderhead fights through bouncers, horrific-looking club-goers and homeless people. There's actually an impressive array of enemies, and they're dealt with in creative ways.

The pseudo arcade game even comes complete with cheesy one-liners, a boss battle and a bonus round. You'll feel right at home all the way up to—and including—the credits screen.


Thanks to tipster einsam!

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god, music like faderhead (or taterhead) has ruined the industrial/ebm scene, the video is cool, but all this no real content club hit bs sucks, combichrist brought it to higher popularity, but give me back my 242, nitzer ebb, etc. hell ill take VNV over this.