Write a Walk-Through Maybe Win Kick-Ass Stuffs

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We know you're out there! You game-obsessed walk-through writers. With the launch of our new commenting system we want to see what you can do with the system and maybe win some cool crap from us.


Here's the deal:

We want you to write up a complete and original walk-through of a game in our comments using the #walkthrough tag. It will show up right in the page for all to see. We'll pick our favorites and promote them to the front page and then ask our readers to select their favorite in comments.

The author of the top walk-through will get to pick three things from an absurdly big pile of free crap that includes games, shirts, statues, stickers, plushies and we'll mail it directly to him or her.

The contest starts now and the deadline to get it into or commenting system using the #walkthroughs tag is Nov. 17. We'll then ask our readers to decide which of the short list they think should win the grab from our freebies.

The walk-throughs can be for new games, old games, whatever, just don't plagiarize or you'll be banned.

Sounds good?

Get to it


Zelda did it!

Game: Tetris

System: Unlimited

Original Release Date: 6-6-1984

No. of players: Depends on what version, of thousands, you play.



1. Story (very, very deep, take some time!)

2. Controls

3. Psychiatrists in your neighborhood

4. Conclusion


1. Story

Oh noes! The world is going down! Get ready to stack blocks in rows, so they disappear! If you keep on going, you will NEVER save the world! Hurray!

If you play another version (eg Disney's Tetris), you probably have to make rows disappear to make a cake or save Donald Duck's cousins from Daisy's cousins.


2. Controls

Arrow left = Left

Arrow right = Right

Arrow down = Speedy fall

Arrow up = Uhm, nothin'?

A = Turn clokwise

B = Turn a-clockwise

Other buttons on your oh so cool "this-gen" console = Forget them!


3. Psychiatrists in your neighborhood



4. Conclusion

This game is good, very good! And you will never finish it! Never, you hear?!

If you do: Go back to chapter 3 #walkthrough