Write a Snappy Catchphrase, Hear It in NBA Jam

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EA Sports just opened a contest to get four fan-written catchphrases announced in NBA Jam's reboot for the Wii. Note: "Boom-shakalaka" is already taken, but "boom-shakalaka-lakalakalaka" technically is still eligible.

Enter the contest through the game's Facebook page. They need submissions for the following plays: Dunks, assists, alley oops, blocks, three pointers, regular field goals, "on fire" shots, steals, shot clock violations, rebounds and misses. That's about everything that can happen in this game, so the sky's the limit. Sixty-four finalists will be chosen and then paired off for voting, tournament-bracket style, to arrive at four winners.

The submissions have to be completely original, so even though "Sweet Sassy Molassy," is totally fake, it isn't going to make the cut. (Neither will "Get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown," but for other reasons: No cuss words or innuendo.) Phrases shouldn't refer to specific NBA players, either. Catchphrases also have to be 10 words or less, so my favorite - "Any reproduction of this dunk without the express written consent of ME is strictly prohibited!" - will not fly. Of course, in the time it takes for me to say that the other guy's scored twice and been fouled.


The only catch? Be registered for Facebook, and you have to Like the game's Facebook page. Not as in literally like it, as in, click the Like button.

Boomshakalaka [NBA Jam on Facebook]

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