Wow, the Xbox 360 is Absolutely Killing it (in the US, Anyway)

I tend to let monthly sales charts wash over me these days because, well, I'm 31 now and don't give a shit which console sells more than another in any given month.

Sometimes, though, I like to get a little hypocritical and take a peek at annual sales. And 2011's make for interesting reading.


While we've grown accustomed to the Wii destroying everything in its path, in 2011 - at least in the United States - a new sales king was crowned. The Xbox 360.

It didn't just squeeze past the Wii and PS3, either, as with 7.3 million consoles sold it was almost three million clear of its rivals.

That stat, and plenty more like it, come courtesy of another exhaustive bit of number-crunching from Gamasutra's Matt Matthews, which you can check out below.

NPD: Behind the numbers of 2011 [Gamasutra]

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