Wow, That Mario Kart Ad Used Real Mario Karts

The pretty damn amazing Mario Kart 7 ad currently showing looks pretty damn amazing. So amazing that it'd be easy to assume the entire thing, actors aside, was computer generated. But it's not!


As you can see here in these short making-of clips, the ad team built real karts for the action. And didn't just build them, they put 'em to work on serious stunts, like Mario here flying off a ramp.


Behind The Scenes Of Mario Kart 7 's Commercial [GameSet Watch]

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I remember some other racing game mocked Mario Kart in order to sell the game. Something about fun being for pussies and winning being the most important thing ever period and some Mario Kart look alikes as some allegory for a childish game for pussies while the other game was superior because it skull fucked you, or something like that...

You see that drives me wild, that an American game company will make such low blows as eastern game philosophies and attempt to portray them as being factually and provably inferior to western design philosophies. Square and NIS never take cheap shots at the fact that Bioware has basically tricked gamers into playing a shooter with a lot of texts and shitty shooting mechanics that they call an RPG and if they did you could bet your ass that EA would ruin them for running a smear campaign.

It boils down the the notion that you can't like both types of games, that you HAVE to choose sides and that that there is a clear right and wrong side to choose, as dictated by popular thought (which is often controlled by marketing).

You can enjoy hurling turtle shells at people while riding down a rainbow highway AND modding a Datsun 510 to have more balls than a jet fighter and pwning Lambos and Mustangs online with it.