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Wow. No Man's Sky Just Stole the Show at the VGX

This is No Man's Sky by Hello Games, which brought us Joe Danger. This is something completely different, a sprawling space adventure, as its insane premiere trailer shows.


The game is entirely procedural in all of the environments it creates, promising unique planetary environments, all of them unexplored. Sean Murray of Hello Games said he wanted to build a game that honored the kind of science fiction he enjoyed in his youth, which weren't just action tableaus but worlds with extremely rich backstories and characters.


You can see just how full service No Man's Sky will be in pursuit of this, taking you from beneath the water of another planet's ocean into the atmosphere and to space, dogfighting through an asteroid field. Only four people are building this game, and it just handed the rest of the VGX its collective lunch.

If you're curious, the music in the trailer is "Debutante" by 65 Days of Static.

Go here to see much more about the 2013 Spike VGX, including all the award categories and their nominees.

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Meanwhile Reggie debuted Cranky Kong in Donkey Kong Wii U.

This was made by four people and blew my socks off. Nintendo had fucking NOTHING.