WoW Armory Updated With Achievements, Stalking Points

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The World of Warcraft player statistics page has finally received a much-needed upgrade, allowing layers to track and compare in-game achievements with friend and foe alike. The ability to view and compare achievements comes with a lovely new graphical upgrade to the site and a brand-new statistics tab, which keeps track of various facts and figures Blizzard has been collecting since the Echoes of Doom patch hit the scene. For instance, since 3.02, my mage Rande has done 6,942,250 points of damage, died 15 times, and completed 920 quests, most of them involving walrus-people. Stalking your potential World of Warcraft mate just got ten times easier! The WoW Armory [Official Site via Massively]


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FBH (seems to be banned for that).

Awesome, now everyone can make fun of me for my lameass achievements and my poor gear!