Wow, An Eternal Darkness Sequel Might Actually Happen

Illustration for article titled Wow, An Eternal Darkness Sequel Might Actually Happen

A sequel to Eternal Darkness—long requested and long rumored—could actually be happening soon.


IGN has a teaser for the upcoming game (embedded below), which the developers are calling Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube cult classic. Eternal Darkness game director Denis Dyack is involved with the new one too, and they're going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Monday.

If you've read Kotaku's look at Dyack's company, Silicon Knights, you might be a bit skeptical that this will go anywhere, because the company has been a mess over the past few years. We don't blame you. Stay skeptical.

It's worth noting, however, that Silicon Knights has been secretly working on a sequel to Eternal Darkness for a while now, and that work could be going into this new project. But thanks to the general dysfunction at Dyack's company, I'm not too optimistic that this will ever see the light of day, even if it does get crowdfunded. We'll see.



I can't see this logo anymore without thinking of the Wii Okami boxart.