Wounded Galatian: Max Payne 3's Soccer Mission, and the Meaning Behind its Fictitious Team

This only marginally qualifies as a spoiler alert because, if you've played Max Payne 3 longer than 20 minutes, you've encountered this mission already. It revolves around a shootout in the locker room of the Galatians FC in Sao Paulo, Brazil which, as a quick Internet search plus common sense reveals, ain't a real team.

While there are the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista of Sao Paolo, their logo looks nothing like the one on the wall there. Galatians FC is likely also a reference to the Corinthian FC, an English amateur team founded in 1882 and dissolved in 1939. Why is it significant? Corinthian FC handed Manchester United its worst defeat in history, an 11-3 beating.

That took place in 1904. The logo of the fictitious Corinthian FC suggests the team was founded in 1903. Likewise, in the Bible, Galatians immediately follows Corinthians. Additionally, the real-life Corinthians of Sao Paulo were founded in 1910.


I think it's also a direct reference to English football as well as Brazilian. The founders of Max Payne publisher Rockstar Games, Dan and Sam Houser, grew up in London.

I can't tell if they back a rival side of United's or if they're merely tipping their cap to football history, but the reference is obvious.

Above is a video providing some context of the run-up to the mission and its earliest stage. Payne is assigned to protect a Brazilian playboy named Marcelo, who evidently favors the Galatians, a team based in Sao Paolo. He's unhappy that the table at his preferred club has been given to Claudio, a player Marcelo implies isn't good enough for the European football leagues. Soon the game shifts to the Galatians' home pitch where, yes, a deal goes wrong, with attendant gunplay.

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the most annoying potato

It's actually a reference to Corinthians (Sport Club Corinthians Paulista), which is a soccer team from, guess where, São Paulo.

I don't know why the link to Wikipedia doesn't work... But a quick serch for "Corinthians Paulista" over there solves the issue.

And as for the year, 1903 was the year of the first soccer championship in Brazil, the "Campeonato Paulista".