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Would Your iPhone Like Some Dead Space 2?

Illustration for article titled Would Your iPhone Like Some Dead Space 2?

Or how about some Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit? EA has revealed a bunch of new games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at a recent event in Tokyo, Japan.


Dead Space 2 for iOS isn't based on the forthcoming console sequel, but will serve as a bridge between the first and second consoles games. However, the game is not a rail shooter like Dead Space: Extraction.

A portable version of Dead Space 2 has previously been listed. The exact platform was not clarified, however. The game will be out on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in January 2011.


Other games include Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Monopoly, EA Sports Active, a Where's Waldo-type game called Pictureka! and Reckless Racing.

Featuring 20 licensed cars, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit boasts 48 different race events. There are plans for multi-player as well. It will be out this November on the iPod Touch and iPhone. Out this December, Monopoly is an iPad title and will have features like auto-rotating tabletop mode, and there is a "cheating" mode, too. EA Sports Active will be released next January on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Sounds like there is plenty to keep iOS gamers busy! - 「デッド スペース 2」の登場予告も! EAのiPod touchゲームが多数紹介された,「Game Nights at the Apple Store」の第3回をレポート(iPhone/iPod touch対応ゲーム/アプリ) [4Gamer via Touch Arcade and IGN]

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I know it's not actually a big deal and Dead Space Extraction looks pretty good (though I haven't picked it up yet), but it still feels kind of insulting that EA is putting out a "real" Dead Space game on the iPhone, but only put out a rail-shooter on the Wii.

(Okay, I probably mean "disappointing" more than "insulting," but whatever.)