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Portable Dead Space 2 In The Works?

Illustration for article titled Portable Dead Space 2 In The Works?

We've known for months that sci-fi horror game Dead Space 2 is coming to home consoles and computers early next year, but today publisher Electronic Arts listed two more formats for the game: "handheld" and "mobile."


If EA isn't in the business of putting typos in its quarterly press releases about company financial performance, then we can expect a Dead Space 2 portable game in early 2011. DS? 3DS? PSP? iPhone? Android? We don't know.

We've contacted EA for more information about portable versions of Dead Space 2 and will let you know what we find out.


Here is how the listing appears. "Q4" indicates EA's fourth fiscal quarter, which runs from New Year's Day to March 31.

Illustration for article titled Portable Dead Space 2 In The Works?

Dead Space 2 for console and PC is scheduled for a late January release.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out that EA had previously listed Dead Space 2 coming to portable platforms, so this listing is not new. Nevertheless, we don't know anything more than what you see in the screencap here. When we find out what the portable/handheld Dead Space 2 is, we will happily share.

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Don't tell me this gave EA some ideas? ;-D