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Would You Quit School To Game Full Time?

Illustration for article titled Would You Quit School To Game Full Time?

School or Counter-Strike? Pick! Quick! Seventeen-year-old Swede Sophie "inzane" Regnér has.


Unable to concentrate on school because she was up late at night, she dropped out to focus on her gaming and join Swedish team Pink Zinic full-time. She's also working as a model "for a friend".

This seems to be a nascent trend of late with a 16-year-old in Raleigh, N.C., whose parents have let him drop out of school so that he can focus on a professional gaming career via Guitar Hero.


We do wish the both of them the best of luck — wherever their roads take them.

17 year-old Zinic.inzane: "I quit school for CS" [SK Gaming Thanks, Lawrence!]

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Yeah, because she's Swedish, she must do porn.

You guys seriously need to grow up.