Love Plus, Konami's schoolgirl love simulator for the Nintendo DS, is quite popular in Japan. How popular? The game's heroines recently graced the cover of a mainstream TV listings magazine.

Think about it. When was the last time you saw game characters on TV Guide? Make that, schoolgirl game characters. At a recent event in Akihabara, Japan's only weekly PC publication Weekly ASCII had a "Live Photo Commemorative Picture Corner" where folks could get their photo taken with Love Plus characters Nene, Rinko or Manaka.


This was made possible by the Love Plus app augmented reality software available on the iPhone. And thus, this photo op was limited only to those with iPhones that have the app.

And the people who downloaded it. Like this guy.

リ ンコ表紙の週アス限定版を求める彼氏が殺到した、週アスLiveで寧々さんと記念撮影 [アキバBlog]