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Would You Like Some Grotesque Sea Bugs? To Eat?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This weekend, Yokohama's Omoshiro Aquarium is holding a special event: You can eat those underwater pill bugs called isopods. Delicious!

According to Yahoo News, the aquarium's "deep sea creatures food sampling event" will also include a shark dissection show. The shark will be served as a fillet.


Note that people won't be eating the Giant Isopods. Also, the smaller isopods are uncommon food in Japan, but a few people online seem to have tried it. Japanese Twitter user manpokenautilus described the flavor as "delicious," adding that isopods have a strong shrimp flavor and "aren't smelly at all." Others described it as tasting like crab.


Pretty sure I could eat a fried one, which is how they will be served at the event. Then again, maybe not.



大きな深海ダンゴムシ、食べてみる?横浜で試食会開催へ [Yahoo News!]

Photos: omoshiroaq, manpokenautilus, NumazuDeepsea, Asahi Yokohama

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