This is life-sized pillow of a giant isopod. A deep-sea dweller, the insect-looking giant isopod can grow between 7.5 and 14 inches long. One aquarium in Japan decided they'd sell a cool plush toy. Turns out, that was a good idea.

The Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium in the city of Numazu, Japan, launched a life-sized giant isopod plush toy earlier this month for the 6,090 yen (approximately US$60). Within hours, the entire stock of 140 plush toys was sold out. Not bad for a local aquarium!

When the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium first showed the cuddly giant isopod on Twitter, it was retweeted a couple thousand times. People in Japan are calling the stuffed animal (stuffed sea creature?) "kimokawaii" (キモかわいい) or "creepy cute".


Those lucky enough to snag one of the giant isopods toys have been posting photos on Twitter.


If you still need a point of reference for how big an actual giant isopod is, here's a comparison.

With a cat.


Such a cute cat! (Creepy sea bug!)

And then, this happened.

キモかわいさで速攻完売 ダイオウグソクムシぬいぐるみ [Asahi]

Photos: f_worker, licel, Numazu, 995Tabularasa

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