Would You Like Motion Controls with Your Sony Portable?

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A recent Sony patent shows a camera-enable PSP dock that allows players to use PlayStation Move controls.


The portable shown in the patent image is a PSPgo, Sony's failed PSP iteration. However, the NGP already has a camera, so PlayStation Move could be possible.

I'd rather that the NGP didn't support Move controls at all. The NGP's appeal is "touch", thanks to rear and front touch input, and not wand-waving.


Wand-waving suits large television screens better, not small handhelds.

This is only a patent, and Sony hasn't stated that Move controls are coming to its handhelds.

patent [Free Pantens Online via BYTE Unplugged via Joystiq via VG247]

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Nightshift Nurse

Companies patent cooky stuff all the time, if only to ensure that no one else does first. There's no reason to expect this will actually see the light of day.

But if people are insisting on seeing it that way, then take this as another shred of evidence that the PlayStation 4 will in fact be an ultra-powerful handheld that one docks with their television for home use.