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Worth Reading: How Two Brothers, One In Prison, Use Games To Connect

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week’s edition of Worth Reading, a collection of the best writing from the past week, goes behind-the-scenes with the mysteries of Bloodborne and the connections we share with family.

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So many people are familiar with the Souls games, but few know much about its creative force, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Heck, even I don’t know all that much, since Miyazaki doesn’t put himself in front of the press that often. But Simon Parkin helps pull away the layers behind one of gaming’s most interesting franchises right now (since Bloodborne is, more or less, another Souls game), and we discover all sorts of fascinating pieces of information. For example, we now know why the storytelling in Miyazaki’s games feel scattered, incomplete, and filled with holes:

“When Hidetaka Miyazaki was a child, he was a keen reader, though not a talented one. Often he’d reach passages of text he couldn’t understand, and so would allow his imagination to fill in the blanks, using the accompanying illustrations. In this way, he felt he was co-writing the fiction alongside its original author. The thrill of this process never left him – and it is very much there in his arcane and fascinating video games, the latest of which, Bloodborne, has just been released to wild acclaim.”


We all have fuzzy, nostalgic memories about the games we used to play as kids. I remember how the only game my dad would play with us was Tecmo Bowl, or how my mom would drain our Game Boy batteries, thanks to endless rounds of Tetris. Ray Porreca has been using his memories to connect with his brother, who will be stuck in prison for the foreseeable future.

“Happy belated birthday,” I wrote. He had turned 23 a few days earlier. “I’m sure it was a terrible birthday for you, but I didn’t forget. I bet prison cake sucks.”

After writing those first sentences, the words came naturally. I knew that my letters to him might give him some solace. There would be time for conversation about his incarceration, but not now. He had all the time in the world, after all.

“Do you remember that game we used to take turns playing on dad’s computer? Endless Online?”


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