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Three flashing red lights on the Xbox 360 represents "general system failure." Nicknamed "The Red Ring of Death," this system failure has plagued the Xbox 360 console for years.


While Microsoft pegged a low percentage rate of system failure in the early moments of the Xbox 360's launch, the numbers of customers suddenly experiencing the system failure continued to rise. A class action lawsuit was filed in California in late 2008, and earlier that same year Microsoft extended the Xbox 360's warranty.

Those days of hardware headaches are a thing of the past says Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg. "We've improved that [repair] process," he told game Edge. It's very quick, and they may upgrade your system with the latest technology. So that works really well."


"What it comes down to is isolating and figuring out the issue," Greenberg added, "fixing the issue, and the more that we can fix the issue, and know it's fixed, then we're good going forward. We've put the worst behind us on this, but we know there are a few lagging systems, and so we want to take those and make it right."

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