What's Wrong With This Japanese Girl's Xbox 360 Drawing?

The latest issue of Famitsu Xbox 360 has an interview with voice actress Yuna Inamura, known for her work in anime like SoltyRei and Darker than Black. The interview isn't pretty much what you'd expect! Though, she does talk about living in Osaka as a kid and going to Takarazuka Revue. The unintentionally hilarious part isn't anything she says in the interview. Oh, no. It's the picture she drew for Famitsu.com. The name of the "new" character is "Xbo-Kun".


Says Inamura: "I went with this name, because everyone playing games becomes a million dollars worth of smiling faces. It's the duty of Ekubo-kun the entertainer to spread the fun of Xbox 360 games to people all over the world." Yep, there goes Xbo-kun, spreading fun all over the world to a million dollars of smiling faces with his little red shoes and his little Red Ring of Death nose. Just adorable.

稲村優奈:たくさんの出会いをくれた声優にありがとう [Famitsu via はちま起稿]

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