Worms 2: Armageddon Crawls To Live Arcade Next Week

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When Team 17 tells us that a game is coming out "real soon", they mean real soon, with the proper sequel to 1991's Worms Armageddon hitting Xbox Live Arcade a week from today.

Team 17 passed along the first trailer for the game just week, shooting out a follow-up email afterwards teasing a release date in the very near future. Well that very near future is very near indeed. Seven days separates you from more Worms action than you can bisect cruelly with a stick. In fact, if you go to the original post, you can see that Team 17 updated the YouTube vid with the July 1st release date, making this post completely unnecessary. Forget I said anything. Just go to that post, and dance along with the music.


Worms 2: Armageddon LAUNCH DETAILS! [Team 17's Facebook - Thanks Scott!]

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I don't have a 360, and would very much like a PSN version. Please, Team17?

Or at the very least the original Worms on PSOne Classics. I prefer the style of the original over the more cartoony style the series adopted in Worms 2. Plus, the FMVs in the original PS1 Worms game were hilarious.