Worlds Shoutcasters Have A Funny Theory About League's Dragons

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In every game of League of Legends, a dragon flies into the map. Someone kills the dragon. A few minutes later, another dragon shows up. Why does he come to the exact same spot where his fellow dragon was murdered? You might ask. Wouldn’t he notice something’s up? Today Riot’s Worlds shoutcasters gave a dark answer.


About 16 minutes into the first KOO vs. KT Rolster quarterfinals game today, things started to slow down. So the three in-game shoutcasters for the 2015 League of Legends World Championships broached an important and regrettably under-investigated topic in League of Legends lore: why the game’s dragons subject themselves to an endless cycle of murder and oppression.

The theory? There’s a man hanging out in the dragon cave who’s pulling all the strings. Every time a dragon’s up, he says: “Who wants to go to dragon fun land?!?!” in a loud, excited voice. The dragons can’t help but get excited. They’ve lived their entire lives inside this cave. It is a the world to them. They know nothing else but to trust the man and his promise of dragon fun land.

It sort of reminds me of the plot for Michael Bay’s surprisingly decent sci-fi pic The Island...only with dragons instead of Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. Then again, Scarlett Johansson is about to star in a remake of The Jungle Book, and the dragon is a jungle monster, so I don’t see a reason why ScarJo shouldn’t star in a League of Legends drama as the dragon.

The first KOO vs. KT game was extremely close, but KT ended up getting the win thanks to a few critical team fights. One of them unfolded right at the dragon point, funnily enough.

I bet the dragon was just sitting there thinking, Hey, it’s nice to see everyone else die for a change.


At least they’re trying for the lore!

No more great stories. Just look how they butchered and abandoned Trundle :(…

His old lore was fun, not the best but definitely different. After his rework? Generic bodyguard. And they did it to tie him in with other champions and also give his lore somewhere to go ... but it never went anywhere anyway. None of the event plots even matter after they finish! Shurima with Azir, Lissandra with the frost thing (although we did get the Howling Abyss reskin)....

okay i’m done my rant