World Tour Gets Two Free Tracks From Bands Neversoft Had Lying Around

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Activision has announced two free tracks available for download to celebrate the release on Sunday, October 26th, from two bands Neversoft had wandering about their office. You might remember Endless Sporadic from their track "Impulse" on Guitar Hero III. Now they're back with a new single, "Anything", featuring Neversoft Designer Andy Gentile on drums and Zach Kamis on guitar, keyboard, and bass. Way to multitask. Along with "Anything", Neversoft Designer David Stowater delivers the song "Electro Rock" from his creation Sworn, whose tracks will also be appearing on iTunes the same day. With Harmonix doing the same thing with their in-house bands in Rock Band, it seems like the way to get ahead in the music business these days is to learn how to program. Hit the jump for the helpful press release, complete with links to each band's MySpace.NEVERSOFT MUSICIANS TO OFFER TWO TRACKS FOR FREE DOWNLOAD IN GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR Featuring many talented artists, spanning genres that cross the musical spectrum, two distinct Neversoft bands deliver “Anything” and “Electro Rock” to fans of Guitar Hero World Tour After an increase in notoriety with the appearance of “Impulse” in Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock and with fans calling them “one of the biggest musical breaths of fresh air” and “a monument to human talent and determination,” An Endless Sporadic returns to the Guitar Hero® stage with their new single, “Anything.” Featuring Andy Gentile, Neversoft Designer, on Drums and Zach Kamins on Guitar, Keyboard and Bass, “Anything,” “Impulse” and other An Endless Sporadic tracks are currently available on iTunes. Not to be outdone, fellow Neversoft Designer David Stowater presents Sworn’s debut in the Guitar Hero franchise with “Electro Rock.” Sworn fuses a combination of Rock, Electronica and Hip-Hop styles, producing an eclectic sound that reveals the music within you. “Electro Rock” as well as other Sworn tracks will be available on iTunes on October 26th, the same day that Guitar Hero World Tour is released. Both “Anything” and “Electro Rock” will be available as downloadable content when Guitar Hero World Tour launches on October 26th, free of charge, on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and the PLAYSTATION®Store. Music fans can learn more about the artists, check out pictures and listen to additional tracks on their myspace pages at and


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Lemme guess, they're free dlc because they won't work on the upcoming GH World Tour