World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100 Percent Less Stupid

Of all the race/sex combinations getting a graphical overhaul in World of Warcraft's upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, none needed it as much as the female Orc. How I hated her stupid old face.


The body was fine — a powerful frame with well-defined muscles. Sure, she had no fingers, but who did back in 2004? The face though — that stupid, empty, staring-forward face. No offense to female Orc players, but man your character got on my nerves.

But that'll all be over soon.

Expressive features, smirking and snarling, all atop a body that's much more defined (fingers) while still maintaining the spirit of the original. She's perfect.


Head over to World of Warcraft's website to read more on the design considerations that went into making this sublime beauty.

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