World Of Warcraft's Greatest Fan Sings

Witness a musical celebration of the life of Falstad Wildhammer, courtesy of Twenty First Records and the world's greatest World of Warcraft fan.


What began as the tale of an over-excited, nervous, and extremely observant World of Warcraft fan at BlizzCon 2010 becomes a legendary tale of good triumphing over evil in the inevitable auto-tune remixing of the epic video.


Blizzard creative director Chris Metzen comes off as a vile villain, ready to causally cast Falstad aside. In contrast, Red Shirt Guy's affirmation of Falstad's living status becomes a jubilant celebration of this brave dwarven hero, as voices from the heavens converge to joyously proclaim, "No, he's alive!"

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Am I the only one who doesn't think this guy deserves this much attention?

Hes chubby, he has acne, and hes immortalized in the game. His face has been on Yahoo! has the ultimate gamer and it just furthers the stereotype that gamers are fat and have bad acne.

Props to the guy for all he has accomplised but every time I see something about him I lower my head in shame.

Maybe I am too harsh but I really mean it. Props to this guy for all the attention he (in my opinion) doesn't deserve.