World Of Warcraft's Greatest Fan Explains His Awesome, Awkward Blizzcon Appearance

Last week, deeply knowledgeable World of Warcraft fan "Red Shirt Guy" called Blizzard's top men on the carpet at Blizzcon, a dazzling display of Warcraft lore and continuity expertise. Today, that man addresses his fans and detractors.


The most popular Blizzcon attendee ever took to YouTube today, red polo shirt in tow, explaining why he's so hypnotically awkward. If you theorized that Mr. Red Shirt exhibited symptoms of Asperger syndrome, you guessed right.

"Fortunately, I have a minor to mild case," he says. He chalks the robotic delivery of one of the most hardcore World of Warcraft questions up to compounding nervousness and keeps it epically classy in this response.

We /salute you, Red Shirt Guy.

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I was pretty sure he had Aspergers by the way he was talking and just by the fact that he picked on something that was kind of out there like that (not that there aren't people who would without a disorder. Maybe the question wasn't that out there, but I, as well as the vast majority, probably never would have picked up on it).

I would have been nervous as hell too. Public speaking is not everyone's thing.

It's silly that people were ragging on him. He had a question and he had an opportunity to have it answered. That's what the Q&A was for, was it not?