Illustration for article titled emWorld of Warcraft/ems Azeroth and Expansions Mapped in Google Maps

Video games let us explore other worlds. Sometimes those worlds are massive—that's certainly true of Blizzard's World of Warcraft. They don't call it a massively multiplayer game for nothing!


However, it can be difficult to keep an up-to-date cartographical record of such a massive world. Enter Cal Henderson, who, upon realizing that MapWow hadn't updated its Google Maps to include new content, set about creating World of MapCraft.

World of MapCraft uses the Google Maps API to make fully scalable maps of Azeroth and its surrounding regions, from Outland to Deepholm to the many Raids and Dungeons in the game.

Henderson has also posted a lengthy explanation of how he put together the maps. Sounds like quite a labor of love.

The next time you lose yourself in Azeroth, you won't have to stay lost unless you want to.


World of MapCraft [Official Page via Eurogamer]

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