World of Warcraft Still Losing Players

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World of Warcraft's player numbers have been stalled since late 2008, and in decline for most of 2011. That's the bad news for the game's developers, Blizzard.


The good news? It's not a massive drop, as at June 30 the game still had 11.1 million players. The past quarter the game's subscriber base had fallen from 12 million to 11.4 million, so to lose only a further 300,000 isn't...too...bad?


Of course, attempts will be made to stem the losses, including what Blizzard says is a "major new raid and dungeon content" which it's hoped will "keep the game fresh for current players, and provide compelling reasons for lapsed players to come back."

And what might that content be? Well, Blizzard recently filed a trademark for something called Mists of Pandaria...maybe giant man-pandas can bring the punters back?


World of Warcraft Subscriptions Continue To Decline, Though More Slowly[Gamasutra]

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Luke Plunkett

You know, I have seen more pieces of constructive criticism on whats actually WRONG with WoW in this thread than I have in any other thread combined. About any game.

Either WoW is totally fucked, or this is some nice work, people!