World Of Warcraft Patches To 3.2

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Blizzard upgrades World of Warcraft to version 3.2 today, implementing the Crusaders' Coliseum dungeons, PVP experience, level 20 mounts, Druid form changes, Rogue axe-wielding, and far fewer embarrassing raid looting situations.


3.2 is a huge patch, with changes to nearly every aspect of the game. Raiding guilds have several new places to play, while the more casual player will enjoy the ability to mount up at level 20, which does away with 10 levels of slogging through Hillsbrad or Darkshire, depending on your leveling preference. The addition of PVP experiences should make battleground fans extremely happy, while those who'd rather sit around being a twinked-out level 19 bad ass have the option of turning PVP experience off completely.

One of the most welcome changes is the new rules for bind-on-pickup during dungeons and raids. Any bind-on-pickup item can now be traded to another member of your party or raid ground for up to two hours after it is looted, meaning that "oh damn, my cat stepped on my keyboard and looted that!" is no longer a valid ninja-looting ploy.


Oh, and rogues can now use one-handed axes, which should make hunters hate them even more than they already do.

World of Warcraft is something different to each player, so there is no way I could possibly mention all of the important changes in this post. Check out the link to the public test realm patch notes to get a better idea of what exactly is going on in patch 3.2.

Patch 3.2 PTR Patch Notes [World Of Warcraft]

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I love my rogue. My friends all started playing recently, and they made me start a hunter, which just isn't nearly as fun.

Can't wait for this patch, as well as to try out WoW on the new, fully charged machine.

...whenever it gets here. Friggin' slow-ass UPS. =/