World Of Warcraft Now Has A Secret Cow Level

The cow level has been ensconced in gaming lore since the hoary old days of Diablo, when it was a ridiculous rumor, and Diablo II, when Blizzard gave it life. It’s a gag that evolved into a rallying cry, a reminder of good times long-passed. Now, as part of Diablo’s 20th anniversary, it’s been added to World of Warcraft.

According to players on the WoW subreddit, reaching the cow level involves killing treasure goblins throughout the Broken Isles. Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of Wowhead:

Cows! If you can’t watch the video, rest assured that they’re everywhere, mooing and dying, as cows do.


Killing the Cow King will get you a twelve-string guitar item that plays the Tristam theme from Diablo. If your nerdy youth was spent in the warm, sporadically moo-ing embrace of Blizzard games like mine, you probably just got embarrassingly excited about a glorified button that plays an MP3 file.

Seriously, though, who kills the Cow King? The event runs until January 11.

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