When you’re working through the post 110 content of World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion with one Alliance character and are getting bored of running through the same content on five others, sometimes you need to take a walk on the Horde side.

We’re at the end of the second week of Legion, and I’m progressing through the expansion’s content at a steady clip. Last week’s artifact weapon fever has given way to this week’s—okay, to be honest this week started with artifact fever as well.


On Saturday I started a gnome Warlock, the other class I could never really stand leveling. I got her to level 27, fell in love with the damage-over-time barrage of the Warlock’s affliction specialization, and boosted her to level 100. Her name is Murlock.

Cannot believe Murlock was not taken.

I got all three of Murlock’s artifact weapons, then hopped onto my gnome Hunter, Quality, and grabbed her Marksmanship and Survival bow and polearm. At that point, all I had left to get to level 100 was Warrior, Priest, Paladin and Monk. But wait . . . didn’t I have a level 96 Warrior on another server?

The Warrior Order Hall is ridiculous.

Why yes, yes I did. This is Cliffrend, a character I created to play through the Horde side of Warlords of Draenor a couple years back. Since Legion content technically begins at level 100, it only took some light questing and six or seven runs through the Auchindoun dungeon to get him up to speed.

The Warrior class quest hurt a great deal. I was nowhere near geared, and despite level scaling I got my ass handed to me at every turn. Then yesterday Blizzard hotfixed the quest to make the mobs hit a little less hard. Great!


While the Class Hall quests vary from class to class, the core adventuring through the initial four zones of Legion is largely the same for every character of the same faction, so leveling solely Alliance characters was getting old. It’s been nice seeing the events unfolding from the other side, especially when I get to hang out with my video game crush and new Horde Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner.


I collected the first of my three Warrior artifact weapons, and have been tooling around with Cliffrend between doing the copious amounts of end-game content with Gerbil the Alliance Druid.

So metal.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, the real meat of Legion doesn’t kick in until level 110. A new zone opens up with an extensive story line and random World Quests appear all over the Broken Isles map. The World Quests range from basic “kill those things” quests to some really inventive stuff. In a quest called “The Magic of Flight” the player must navigate a series of floating bubbles in order to obtain a magical artifact. It’s basically a platforming puzzle of sorts.

There are World Quests for large groups, player-versus-player world quests that temporarily flag characters so they can battle the opposing side while hunting for objectives—there’s a whole lot going on.


And speaking of PVP combat, I’ve begun to climb the PVP ranks on my Druid (Moonfire spam for life), which is slowly easing me out of my shell on other toons.

WOOO LEVEL 3! Of 50! The first 50. at least.

I’m going to give Legion one more week from a critical standpoint before writing up a final review. I’m up to m little wolf ears in things to do, but I’d like to see how long the magic lasts before declaring it magical.

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