World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: One Last Dance

My mage, Rande, doing the sitting at level 101 and not really worried about progressing dance.

I’d originally planned to run our World of Warcraft: Legion review today, but due to circumstances firmly under my control, it’s now going to run Monday morning. The fact that I’m still playing the game every night probably didn’t help.

Yes, three weeks and change later, I’m still pretty heavily invested in World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion. On my main character, or at least my main for now, I’ve burned through the expansions’ Heroic mode dungeons and am all geared for the next stage, Mythics.


That said, I am mildly terrified of embarking upon a Mythic dungeon, as they only support premade groups, meaning I cannot use the Dungeon Finder to be randomly assigned a party. I have to apply, and players seem pretty particular about the requirements. My item level is 833, which is fine, but comments like “know the fights or get booted” make me incredibly nervous. Nothing brings me down like getting bad-mouthed in instance chat.

So I’ve been logging in, getting any resource harvesting and mission queuing up I need to on Gerbil the Druid, poking about at the Mythic party list, and then sheepishly logging out to work on my other level 110 character, Raccoon the Rogue. I suppose i will get him Mythic equipped and then move on to the next character.


The expansion’s four-zone starting structure is beginning to wear on me somewhat as I level up alts. Having a choice between four different zones to tackle in any order you choose before reaching end-game content was nice enough the first couple of times through, but now it’s big bit of been-there, done-that, fell down Thunder Totem’s fancy elevator to my death.

I just need to pace myself, I suppose. That, or buck up and get into those Mythic dungeons. That’s my goal over the weekend—that and getting the review written—so if you’re on the Ysera server cluster and see Raccoon or Gerbil trying to run a dungeon, be gentle.

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