World Of Warcraft Is A Pusher, Targeting Lapsed, Weak Gamers

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With its latest expansion Cataclysm having been out for a few days now, the hardcore World of Warcraft players have already bought it and are exploring its many changes. Those who haven't, you are being tempted by free game time.


Anyone who has bought either of the game's last two expansions - Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King - is being offered ten free days spent with Cataclysm, during which time you have the option of playing as a Goblin or Wargen, the two new races added in the expansion. Those above Level 78 can also, during those ten days, check out Cataclysm's new high-level zones as well.

Once the ten days are up, you have to pay $40, same as everyone else. God it's terrifying seeing the money-making habits of Blizzard and heroin dealers appear so indistinguishable.



I must be the only person in the world who finds WoW incredibly dire.

I gave the 10-day account a go yesterday, started a human hunter (good or bad, idk) then proceeded to kill 10 of this, 8 of that, collect 10 of these for "quests" in a completely bland looking world.(painted on windows on houses? How PS1! I got to about level 5 before i fell asleep on my keyboard.

I even find Runescape more enjoyable then this, and thats saying something. At least even the most basic quests have humor and story to them, rather then being glorified shopping runs~