Last year, to celebrate Mists of Pandaria, NetEase and Blizzard released a World of Warcraft mahjong set. This year, perhaps due to the popularity of the Pandaria set, the companies are releasing a brand new set.

The new set appeared on NetEase's, a website dedicated to selling Blizzard paraphernalia, over the Christmas holiday.


The set is on pre-order for the same price as last year's set and will be shipped out on February 8, a few weeks before the Chinese New Year.

Instead of focusing on Pandaria, this set appears to be more of a regular WoW commemoration set. It features a special wooden case, a WoW-themed placemat, branded chips and pieces, and special Alliance and Horde dice!

This set goes for about $207, and I'm totally going to buy a few. Last year's set sold on eBay for triple the retail price!


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