It's after midnight Pacific time, and the Goblins and Worgen have begun flooding into Azeroth as World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion goes live. I've made my new characters, have you?

It took a half hour longer than expected for the expansion to go live, but here we are, shiny new Goblin and Worgen characters ready to take on the transformed World of Warcraft.


Here are the two characters I created based on yesterday's voting. We've got Pokery, the Goblin Rogue:

And Quality, the Worgen Druid.


I know Rogues like the back of my hand, so the Goblin side of things should be no problem. Druids are relatively new to me. I have a level 30-something Druid alt, but haven't played him in ages. No time to learn like the present!

Feel free to share your Goblins and Worgen in the comment section. Now back to the game!