What comes with those extra experience levels in World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion? Blizzard will be releasing info on new spells, new skills, and talent tree changes this week for all classes - except the Paladin, because Paladins suck.

World of Warcraft players have been eagerly awaiting news of the new skills and spells they'll be rocking in Cataclysm since the expansion was first revealed, a couple of weeks before BlizzCon 2009. Blizzard is ready to show you the future, rolling out information on the updates for nine of the game's ten classes this week.

Tomorrow they'll be dropping information on the Shaman, Priest, and Warlock. Thursday we'll get the skinny on the Warrior, Death Knight, and Rogue. Then on Friday, look for news about the Hunter, Druid, and Mage.

As for the Paladin, well, he's still deep in development, according to Blizzard blue poster Bashiok, and won't be ready for the big reveal until April 16th at the earliest.

The paladin is still deep in development. Instead of giving a preview that would be potentially less comprehensive than the other classes we made the decision to post it when it's ready, in order to properly honor the paladin class and those that play them. The wait isn't too long however as we're expecting to be able to post it on April 16.


To paraphrase in an incredibly irresponsible manner, what he is trying to say here is that no one wanted to work on the Paladin, because they are jerks. They're probably only working on them now in fear of being fired for insubordination.

I might have interpreted that message incorrectly, but it makes sense to me.

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