One of the most popular new addons for World of Warcraft right now is something refreshing: It’s called “Storyline” and it fully revamps the quest UI by changing it to an interactive experience.

While the questing framework in WoW has improved a lot over the years, it always remained a wall of text sort of thing that most people never really read, and because of this, a lot of people had absolutely no idea what’s going on in the story.


KajiSensei’s “Storyline” shakes that up a bit. It adds 3D animated models for our character and the quest giver when clicking on a quest, and cuts the dialogue into multiple parts, playing one after another. Basically it makes the story and the world a lot more immersive. It’s a bit similar to what we’ve seen in The Witcher 3 or in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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