World of Horror, A Scary Game For The 1980s

World of Horror, or Kyofu no Sekai, is an indie game inspired by the works of acclaimed manga artist Junji Ito. We played through the demo, where we solved some mysteries, met a nice dog, and died as the Old Gods returned to this world.


While the game’s lone dev panstas gets the otherworldly tone of Ito’s manga just right in the writing and the music, the real hero of this game are their dithered, black and white Apple II-esque graphics. The sleazy seems that even sleazier when it’s rendered as if you found it on an illicit floppy disk, and the horrible that much more horrible.

World of Horror is pay what you want on, but if you’re interested in seeing this game develop, absolutely kick them a dollar or two. For a rough demo, the game is chilling and evocative, and I’m hoping to get some time to really dig into its mysteries.



You guys REALLY need to get hip to Uno Moralez whom this style is almost an exact lift of his work.