World of Goo Is Just One Dollar for iPhone Today

Illustration for article titled emWorld of Goo/em Is Just One Dollar for iPhone Today

If you've missed World of Goo in one of its many iterations over the years, there's another chance to play the superb physics puzzler. It's now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch—the iPad version has gone Universal. It's all of $.99 in the iTunes App Store, which when coupled with the ratings in the store (98 five star ratings, as of this writing, 11 anything besides five stars), should be enough to get you to drop a hot buck. [iTunes]


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Damien Fate

I still don't understand why there is such a price discrepancy on titles like this when purchasing for either iPhone or iPad.

Surely the iPad version is more true to the scale of the native PC version resolution than the iPhone - if anything it should have taken less effort to create?