World Of Goo Birthday Sale: The Results Are In

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2D Boy celebrated the World of Goo's birthday by allowing folks to pay whatever price they wanted for the PC version of the game, from a penny on up. Let's see how that worked out.


The good news? The World of Goo birthday sale was such a huge success that 2D Boy has extended it through October 25th. The not-so-good news? There are an awful lot of cheap bastards out there. The developers made my wish come true, tracking the prices that purchasers chose to pay, along with some of the reasons behind the amount chosen. As you can see from the graph, the vast majority of purchasers opted to pay between $.01 and $2 for the game, which normally sells for $19.99. It is certainly heartening to see that 400 or so folks opted to pay more than the game was worth, but things are definitely weighed more towards the cheapskates.

2D Boy also conducted a survey towards the latter end of the sale's first week, asking customers how much they spent and the reasoning behind their decision. Why a small percentage felt they were simply paying what the game was worth, the majority indicated that they paid what they could afford, leading us to draw the conclusion that the only people more destitute than struggling indie game developers are indie game fans. Poor guys.

You can read the full results of the sale so far over at 2D Boy's blog.



I never understand how so many people can claim to "not be able to afford" something. It's all about choices.

You can negate the cost of a $20 game by cooking/preparing your meals for one day, instead of going out to eat or ordering in.

Another option? Instead of going out every weekend, stay in one night. If you live in a major city like me, a weekend night out can easily cost you upwards of $50.

Many people claim to "not be able to afford" the full price of the game, but what they really mean is they can't afford to sacrifice something else, when they can easily just pay $.01 instead.

Alot of times, what people really can't afford is effort.